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Marshall County Izaak Walton League September Newsletter
Published monthly Marshalltown, IA 50158

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Marshall County Izaak Walton League


September 2023

   To strive for the purity of water, the clarity of air, and the wise stewardship
 of the land and its resources; to know the beauty and understanding of nature and the
 value of wildlife, woodlands and open space; to the preservation of this heritage and
 to man’s sharing in it, I pledge myself as a member of the Izaak Walton League of America.

 President’s Message

  Happy Almost Halloween Everyone, it’s officially deer season, and October seems to be the month
  to really kick off the holidays. That being said the temperature is going to start changing and
  so will animal movement patterns, so please bemindful of that. Anyone interested in doing 3D
  archery shoots, we ask that you reach out to myself or Ed Moore. We needa certain level of interest
  before we can move forward with any construction. We are looking to do more events for thecommunity
  and to draw more new members in. If anyone has ideas I would love to hear them.As always, THANK YOU
  for supporting your local Ike’s chapter!Eric BriggsBoard PresidentEmail:


  Our monthly board meeting will be held the second Wednesday (10/11
  Our 45th annual chili supper is coming up this month (10/11)
  Gun range closed October 22, 8:00 AM until 12:30, for the NRL22 - Rimfire Match
 45th Annual Chili Supper: Our 45th annual chili supper will be held at the Ikes
 Clubhouse October 11th @ 6:00pm. If you would rather not make soup, you are
 welcome to bring a covered dish or dessert to contribute. There will be a contest
 and prize for the best tasting chili or soup.
  White Pine Precision Rimfire Shooters: The local NRL22 club held their monthly
 COF and it was a huge success. They had 10 shooters participate and 5
 spectators. There were 5 Stages shot for the September Course. You can find
 more information on their facebook page.
  3D Archery Shoots: If anyone is interested in participating or helping with 3D
 archery shoots we ask that you contact Ed Moore or Eric Briggs. Eric is looking to
 put one a month if there is enough interest.


  We ask anyone who has information on the missing sign from the archery range to please contact a
 board member.
  When on the grounds, if you see trash please do your part and put it in the dumpster. We do appreciate
 all the help we get from everyone.
  Charles Cowan Sponsored By Ed Moore
 Andrew Grandstaff Sponsored By Ed Moore


  October 11th
 Soup/Chili Supper at the Ike’s Clubhouse 6:00pm
  October 22nd, White Pine PRS (NRL22 - Rimfire Match) 8:00am
  November 8th
  Board meeting at Grimes Farm 6:00pm
  November 24,25,26 Christmas Tree Sales at Ike's 10 am to 4 pm
 December 2,3,9,10,16,17 Christmas Tree Sales at Ike's 10 am to 4 pm

 Published monthly Marshalltown, IA 50158
 dition 508 October, 2023
 Published monthly Marshalltown, IA 50158
 Edition 507 September, 2023

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